Being Funny Is Serious Business – Resident Cartoonist Shares His Talents

FORT MYERS, FL (July 1, 2000) – Most everyone at Shell Point has seen one of Ned Beard’s cartoons on a flyer or in a newspaper. His black-and-white vignettes, personally drawn for the occasions, give residents that little chuckle that their day needs. Their joyous and giving spirit make Ned and Dot Beard a special couple.

Ned served in the Navy during World War II. On the GI Bill, he then studied at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, where a blind date led him to Dorothy Janda, a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. They soon married and raised a family.

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Shell Point Participates in C&MA Annual Worldwide Council

Village Church With Unique Opportunity

FORT MYERS, FL (June 1, 2000) – Since Shell Point was founded in 1968 by The Christian and Missionary Alliance, the C&MA and Shell Point have had a very special relationship. Because this year’s C&MA General Council (their worldwide conference held every year) convened just up the road in Tampa, Shell Point (and the Village Church in particular) had a unique opportunity to represent itself to an enormously diverse audience.

The Village Church’s choir sang at two sessions at Council; once by itself, and once with a combined Florida choir. Dr. David Nessleroade and his daughter, Leann, both had solos. During the service for retirees, Pastor Davey moderated the service, while Shell Point’s president Peter Dys was a speaker. And throughout the week, worship leader Russ McCorkle was involved with the worship committee, as well as playing the organ.

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10-Year-Old Volunteer Wins Contest

A Servant’s Heart in a Kid’s Body
FORT MYERS, FL (May 1, 2000) – Amanda Ulik, Shell Point’s youngest volunteer, recently won the Millennium Dreamers Award in an international contest sponsored by Disney and McDonald’s. It’s a program to acknowledge children who are doing things worthwhile for the future. Amanda was one of 2,000 winners selected out of 100,000 international applicants, and received a three-day trip to Walt Disney World in May.

A fascinating ten-year-old, Amanda volunteers in The Pavilion (Shell Point’s skilled nursing facility) every Friday morning. She assists the Activities staff with exercise class and arts and crafts, reads to and visits with the residents and helps transport them to and from events.

(photo at left) Amanda leads exercises in The Pavilion, while WINK-TV compiles footage for a news story about her.

Amanda is home schooled by her mother, Clare, who stated, “I felt character and life skills were as important as academic skills, so I was looking into community service to be a part of Amanda’s life. I thought this would develop a servant’s heart in her, but on the first day, I realized that God had already given her a servant’s heart.”

Go Tribe! – Lifelong Cleveland Indians Fan Lives Out Her Dream

Go Tribe!
Lifelong Cleveland Indians Fan Lives Out Her Dream

FORT MYERS, FL (March 1, 2000) – For Shell Point resident Ann Hermann, it was never too late to fulfill a childhood dream.

In her case, the great American dream involved the great American pastime, baseball. “I was a great baseball fan from my early teens,” says Hermann, an Ohioan who grew up a diehard Cleveland Indians fan. “My grandfather would sometimes pull some strings to get us box seats,” she says. She followed the Tribe through their glory years of the late 1930’s, when she watched in person such legends as pitcher Bob Feller, arguably the greatest Cleveland player ever.

Thus sprouted the dream: to be batgirl for the Cleveland Indians.

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US Representative Porter Goss Visits Shell Point

Watches State of the Union Speech with Residents

FORT MYERS, FL (January 27, 2000) – Politics took center stage at Shell Point recently, as residents received a unique opportunity to interact directly with their link to the Federal legislature. United States Representative Porter Goss, whose constituents include the people of Fort Myers, joined about twenty residents to watch President Clinton’s final State of the Union address on television.

Normally, all 435 U.S. Representatives and 100 Senators pack the House chamber for the annual event. However, a debilitating January snowstorm had ravaged the east, including Washington, DC. Goss and his aides decided to stay in the Fort Myers area rather than take the risk of travelling during the storm.

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President Peter Dys Recognized With Business Award

Shell Point a Leader in the Community

FORT MYERS, FL (December 14, 1999) – Peter Dys, executive vice president of Shell Point Retirement Community, was recently selected as one of six finalists for the Chamber of Southwest Florida’s Business Leadership Award.

Dys was among good company. The list of finalists included Sam Galloway, Jr., a prominent Fort Myers businessman; William Valenti, senior vice president of Fifth Third Bank; Dr. Kenneth Walker, president of Edison Community College; Richard Botthof, recently affiliated with First Union National Bank; and the eventual award winner James F. Garner III, partner in the law firm Pavese Garner Haverfield Dalton Harrison & Jensen. Garner was among local community leaders who helped organize the Business Development Corporation (BDC), a forerunner of the Horizon Council economic development advisory group.

Dys was recognized as a finalist for his ongoing contribution to the business environment of Lee County through his management of Shell Point for more than the past 15 years. However, it was his pivotal role in the recent expansion plan of Shell Point that put him at the forefront of the business leaders in our area.

For 31 years, Shell Point has provided residential and health care services to seniors in Southwest Florida. The community has prospered to become one of the largest in the nation and one of the most financially sound through conservative fiscal management and prudent administration. It would have been easy for the management team, led by Dys, to continue with “business as usual.” However national statistics indicated unprecedented upcoming growth in the senior market that Shell Point serves, which would create a demand for new and expanded services.

Without planned growth, current senior services in Southwest Florida would not be adequate to meet the oncoming demand.

Based on Shell Point’s experience in the senior health care industry and effective, pro-active leadership, Shell Point embarked on an aggressive 10-year expansion plan which will provide state-of-the-art health care services for area seniors. During the expansion, Shell Point continues to deliver nationally-celebrated services to its existing population of 1,400.

Local Skippers Set Sail for Shell Point

Boaters Feel Right at Home

FORT MYERS, FL (October 13, 1999) – Members of a local boating club from Cape Coral set sail for an outing at Shell Point recently and discovered the advantages of the community’s unique setting and lifestyle firsthand, according to Lynn Schneider, director of public relations.

“The name of the club was the Nauti-Skippers,” said Lynn with a chuckle. “They were such a nice group of people, and we had a great time as we showed them around The Island.”

The boat club has more than one hundred members from around the Cape Coral area who enjoy sharing their time out on the waters of Southwest Florida. This group, comprised mainly of retirees who love an active lifestyle, boated over to Shell Point together and “came aboard” for an extensive tour of The Island and lunch in the Crystal Room.

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Shell Point’s Hurricane Shelter Unique

Residents Thankful For Their Port in the Storm

FORT MYERS, FL (July 1, 1999) – Where’s the safest place to be in a hurricane? For residents of Shell Point the answer is simple – and close to home.
Their port in any storm is the facility’s parking garage, which works doubletime as a hurricane shelter strong enough to withstand a Category Five storm with winds up to and beyond 200 mph… even bigger than were felt in 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, which devastated southeast Florida.

Shell Point’s directors realized the ineffectiveness of an evacuation of The Island’s residents, including some who are bedfast, in the event of a hurricane. The directors began looking into the possibility of a shelter on The Island itself. After two years of planning, four months designing, and six months building, the hurricane shelter was completed.

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Lessons Learned From a Quilt

FORT MYERS, FL (April 11, 1999) – By Lynn Schneider

If I were forced to take a lie-detector test someday, there is one question I would surely fail: “Are you a patient person?” Beeeeep! In truth, I would have to say, no, I am not a patient person. It is a bad habit and one I continually try to break. That’s why I attended the recent Quilt Show at Shell Point with an attitude of wonder and amazement. All those little pieces of fabric, all those tiny stitches, all that patience!

Evidently I was not the only one impressed by the display. Marilyn Mayers, a resident at Shell Point, recently sought out the individual who has been bringing quilting to Shell Point through a series of classes held in the Resident Activity Center. “I had frequently seen announcements about a quilting class taught by Vera Graham, a resident here,” said Mayers. “I was anxious to meet this lady who makes thousands of hand stitches on a single quilt – the more stitches per inch, the more valuable the quilt.”

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Shell Point Announces 10-Year Expansion

FORT MYERS, FL (January 1, 1999) – During its 30-year history, Shell Point has earned a national reputation as one of the finest retirement communities in Florida. Located on its own private, 75-acre island on the Caloosahatchee River near Sanibel Island, the community has received numerous awards for its natural beauty, medical services and recreational programs.

With a past founded on excellence, Shell Point has turned toward the future, and is setting out on its most ambitious undertaking ever – a ten-year, $750 million project that will create one of the most comprehensive lifecare communities in the world.

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