Nurture. Nature.

Shell Point Retirement Community has been designated by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. By employing sustainable practices and offering wildlife opportunities for natural sources of food, water for drinking and bathing, cover from weather and predators, and places to raise young, Shell Point satisfied the essential elements required to earn the wildlife habitat distinction.

Exploring nature

Nature lovers will be delighted with Shell Point’s preserve of almost 400 acres and miles of walking trails, bike paths, and observation areas.

Boardwalks, bridges, walking trails, and bike paths have been designed to connect these outdoor spaces and make them accessible to residents.

The more adventurous resident can spend their time kayaking on an early morning water adventure, or perhaps biking miles of paths, and there’s also an opportunity to join the hiking/walking club to explore Lee County parks.

Environmentally minded residents assist with planning the recycling program and lead the “Adopt a Road” program.  Nature lovers also enjoy gardening, assisting with the butterfly area, and the Orchid House.  Our natural environment is an ideal backdrop for many painters and photographers.  The serene natural setting is often a place to relax in prayerful meditation.

Blue Heron