Dr. Bill Beckwith Appears on WGCU

Answers Questions About Alzheimer’s

FORT MYERS – Bill E. Beckwith, Ph.D., is Shell Point’s director of behavioral health, as well as an author and nationally renowned speaker on the subject of memory. Last month he appeared as an expert panelist on the call-in show “Alzheimer’s: Getting the Answers You Need,” broadcast on WGCU, the local PBS affiliate.

The show gathered a local caregiver; an elder affairs attorney; FGCU’s Center for Positive Aging Director Dr. Linda Buettner; and Dr. Bill Beckwith, founder of Memory Management, for a discussion of the issues surrounding memory loss and its impact on families. Moderated by former CNN television news anchor Chris Curle, this production of the “Health Sense” series was produced by Jennifer Fairfield Williams.

Beckwith, who has launched a series of lectures about The Graying of Memory for groups from Sanibel to Marco Island, anticipates a spring release date of his book on the subject. Audiences of all ages are delighted to learn Beckwith’s approach is not medical, but offers practical advice about what happens to our memories as we age. “We plan for our financial futures, we undergo surgery to alter the effects of aging on our bodies, but we don’t anticipate the impact of aging on our minds,” says Beckwith.

Eliminating the medical reasons for memory loss – such as severe trauma, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, drug overdose, or head injuries – people can learn how to manage memory by understanding how short-term and long-term memory changes as we age.

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