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Energy Conservation

Did you know that shortness of breath is not part of the normal aging process? Far too often people just ignore this very important symptom

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Breathing Easy

Currently, almost 15 million Americans have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and it is projected that another 12 million are likely living

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Up and Out on a New Knee

Shell Point resident Dotty Morrison retired early at 56, and soon after joined the Shell Point Photo Club, Village Church Choir, and more. “I like

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Aqua Therapy at Shell Point

The Benefits of Aqua Therapy

Did you know aqua therapy can help ease joint pain related to chronic arthritis and other illnesses? As part of the rehabilitation process, aqua therapy

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LSVT Loud Therapy

By McKenzie Millis, Healthcare Marketing Specialist Voice loudness and quality can be constant battle to overcome for those suffering with Parkinson’s disease. An estimated 89%

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