Why Rehabilitation is Crucial: A Physician’s Perspective

by Dr. David Nesselroad, Medical Director Shell Point Retirement Community

Here at Shell Point, we are firm believers in treating the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. We understand that maintaining health and wellness involve more than just fixing an injury; the whole process must be addressed. In the same way, the healthcare continuum at Shell Point has many parts, and all of them are vital. I want to discuss the importance of one in particular: rehabilitation.

The goals of physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery, heart attack, or stroke are to reduce pain, rebuild your strength and get your motion back. The rehab process requires a lot of work and patience on the part of the patient, but it is a major component in their recovery and the key to being able to return to normal functionality.

In each case of rehab, a plan of treatment is developed after completion of a thorough evaluation and consultation with the primary care physician. Physical therapists are educated in understanding the interaction of all body parts. They focus on the musculoskeletal system and use a manual hands-on approach. They can treat musculoskeletal injuries and perform post-injury and post-operative rehab. They teach how to take care of the body by showing how to do exercises, how to use the body properly to gain strength and mobility, and prevent future and recurring injuries. They advise on topics such as proper body posture, body mechanics, fitness, and home care.

We are fortunate to have an excellent rehabilitation department here at Shell Point. The staff’s skills are equal to, or better than, most facilities I’ve seen. I feel very comfortable sending my patients to our rehab department, knowing they will have the best chance of recovery possible right here at Shell Point.