Frequently Asked Questions About Chronic Care Management

Last week we reviewed the basics of Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs. Here are answers to some common questions about this service:

What CCM services are provided?

CCM services can include phone calls, prescription refills and questions, 24-hour availability by phone, referral to specialists, and developing/updating individual electronic care plans, among other services.

Why CCM?

This level of care is designed to improve processes and services that reduce hospitalization, re-hospitalizations, and undesired complications for patients.

Which staff members are involved in CCM?

The physicians, nurse practitioners, and CCM coordinator are primarily involved with documentation and coordination of CCM activities, although all medical center staff will be reporting time spent with appropriate non-face-to-face activities on behalf of patients as we chart your healthcare course hand in hand.

For more questions about CCM, talk to a clinician during your next office visit.