Specialized Parkinson’s Therapy at Shell Point Rehab


According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, nearly 90 percent of individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD) suffer from frustrating, repetitive motions that can hamper interactions, and are commonly seen as hallmarks of the disease.

Fortunately, many have found success through a specialized therapy program known as LSVT-BIG. Developed for patients with PD and similar neurological conditions, and perfected over decades of research, LSVT-BIG targets limb motor systems to increase speed of motion and sensory perception.

“The great news for those with Parkinson’s is that studies have proven, positive outcomes resulting from LSVT-BIG therapy. Patients report improved movements,” said Christine Gulotta, director of Therapy at Shell Point’s Rehabilitation Center.

The Rehabilitation Center at Shell Point Retirement Community offers LSVT-BIG therapy, along with many other specialized occupational and speech therapy programs that can assist PD patients. For more information about rehabilitative services, call the Admissions team at (239) 415-5432, or visit www.shellpoint.org.