The Cloud of Cataracts: Treatment

Cataracts can cause a significant loss of vision in some individuals, including less of an ability to see in contrast which can be dangerous when driving. Cataracts can also affect an individual’s independent living capabilities. Even the simple act of reading can be significantly impacted by cataracts.

You may have a cataract if you notice sensitivity to light and glare, you experience double vision in one eye, or if you have the sense of a film over the eye. Cataracts are easily diagnosed from reporting symptoms, taking a visual acuity exam using an eye chart, and by performing routine eye exams. Therefore, it’s important to have annual vision check-ups to detect these changes. Once you receive confirmation that you have cataracts, you should continue to monitor your eyes on a regular basis.

Cataract surgery is recommended for patients whose cataracts interfere with vision to the extent of affecting their daily lives. It is the most frequently performed surgery in the United States. It generally improves vision in more than 98% of my patients. However, if a cataract is not bothersome, then surgery is usually not necessary. In those cases, increased strength in prescription eyeglasses may be helpful.

Anyone who experiences signs and symptoms of cataracts should consult an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Continued monitoring and assessment of cataracts is important. Visit the Elmquist Eye Group office at Medical Center in The Arbor Assisted Living at Shell Point Retirement Community. To make an appointment, call 936-2020.