Supporting Seniors’ Independence Using Home Care

Retirees who live in full Lifecare communities have the assurance that their future healthcare needs will be met. Residents often have additional access to multiple resources that can prolong independence any stage of the aging continuum, like home care, day respite services, meals on wheels, and morning assurance programs.

“While not all Lifecare communities are able to offer such a broad base of supportive programs, Shell Point’s size allows us to develop far-reaching services that help residents in whichever way they most need assistance in their daily lives,” said Carol Clark, EdD, ARNP, director of Outpatient Services at Shell Point Retirement Community.

Many use these programs as an opportunity to remain in their independent living residences longer, potentially delaying a move to assisted living or skilled nursing care. In fact, these lesser-known resources, especially home care, can be extremely beneficial.

Home care, for example, is a resident-paid service that provides functional support to maintain the resident’s independence at differing levels of care. “Home care is more than just a resource to be used when your health becomes compromised,” shared Sharon Dobbins, RN, Shell Point Home Care manager. “Home care staff can function as an ‘extra family member’ and caregiver of sorts, helping residents remain comfortable and safely in place.”

Shell Point’s “Welcome Home” home care program, recommended for those returning from a stay at the hospital or skilled nursing residence, helps residents get settled after discharge. It includes assistance with packing personal belongings, transportation, preparing the home for safety and cleanliness, stocking the pantry and refrigerator, preparing meals, and other personal care, like bathing and grooming.

By providing home care and other supportive resources, Shell Point strives to provide its Lifecare residents with tangible services to support independence. “This way, you conserve energy for the things you find most enjoyable, and those that enhance your comfort and quality of life,” said Sharon.

While Shell Point Home Care is only available to Shell Point residents, many local home care and supportive resources are available to Southwest Florida residents. Discuss your healthcare needs first with your doctor, who can connect you with recommended providers.