Moving for Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects the body’s nerve cells and often causes muscle stiffness, tremors, or balance issues, which can make everyday activities more difficult. Research has suggested that movement may help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s by increasing muscle strength and balance. In addition to specialized therapy programs, studies have shown the impact that dancing can have in improving the symptoms of PD.

The art of dance often transforms those with Parkinson’s as they engage and express emotions in a way that may not have been previously possible due to physical limitations. This is demonstrated in the poignant film Capturing Grace. This documentary includes scenes of dancing sessions in which people with PD seem transformed as they engage in dance. The beauty of these graceful movements can overshadow the disease and the disabilities it causes. Participation also offers opportunities for community and social interaction, in important dimension of wellness, and can help connect people through common experience.

Get Moving!

Southwest Florida residents can show their support for PD by participating in an upcoming community walk, held on April 30, 2016. Additionally, the Rehabilitation Center at Shell Point Retirement Community offers supportive resources to Parkinson’s patients: LSVT-BIG therapy, along with many other specialized occupational and speech therapy programs that can assist PD patients.

For more information about Shell Point’s rehabilitative services, call the Admissions team at (239) 415-5432, or visit