Exercise Your Brain

We all know how important it is to exercise our bodies, but did you know your brain needs to be exercised, too? According to the Alzheimer’s Association, exercising your brain on a regular basis decreases your risk of cognitive decline in later years.

Daily brain exercises can keep your brain in top shape:

  1. Test your memory recall by making a list and seeing if you can remember the items an hour later.
  2. Figure out math problems in your head without the aid of pencil, paper, or a calculator.
  3. Learn how to cook something new by taking a cooking class. Cooking uses a number of senses: smell, touch, sight, and taste, which all involve different parts of the brain.
  4. Try learning a foreign language; the listening and speaking involved stimulates the brain.
  5. Challenge your taste buds by trying to identify each ingredient included in what you are eating.
  6. Try a new hobby that involves fine-motor skills, such as knitting, drawing, or painting, to refine your hand/eye coordination.

Brain exercises don’t have to be boring. Make it more exciting by trying something new each day to challenge this important organ in your body.

Shell Point has a variety of brain-stimulating activities and clubs available for residents. To learn more about the many amenities Shell Point offers, contact The Welcome Center at (239) 466-1131.