Press Images

All images are copyright Shell Point Retirement Community, all rights reserved. For permission to use these photos in publications, please contact us at the numbers listed. To download the files, simply right-click or control-click on these links and choose “Save As…”.

Aerial Photos

• The Island at Shell Point (339k)
• The Woodlands at Shell Point (572k)
• The Estuary at Shell Point (762k)
• Eagles Preserve at Shell Point (464k)
• The Village Church (152k)
• Shell Point Golf Club (157k)

Shell Point logos

Below are downloadable versions of Shell Point’s logo, available in EPS, PDF, and JPG. For the three-color version, the three Pantone colors are: black for the letters, 4515 (gold) for the upper part of the shell, and 540 (navy blue) for the lower portion (the “waves”). With the 1-color version, black, white, or 540 (navyblue) or reversed, are preferred.

• Three-color Pantone logo (EPS/Adobe Illustrator) 2017
• Three-color Pantone logo (PDF/Adobe Acrobat) 2017
• Three-color Pantone logo (JPG) 2017
• One-color black logo (EPS/Adobe Illustrator) 2017
• One-color black logo (PDF/Adobe Acrobat) 2017
• One-color black logo (JPG) 2017