Dr. Bernard King Goes To Be With the Lord

Shell Point Continues as “King’s Crown”

Dr. Bernard S. King
March 30, 1913 – July 12, 2001
Treasurer of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (1952-1977), First Treasurer of the Alliance Development Association (1963), Member of Shell Point’s Board of Directors (1963-1977), Shell Point’s Executive Director (1977-1985), Shell Point Resident (1986-2001) More than just a wise steward of God’s resources…
More than just a God-fearing leader…
Dr. King was indeed the very image of Shell Point.

His wisdom and hard work brought Shell Point to financial stability.
He instituted the Resident Quarterly Meetings, ensuring that management and residents would function hand-in-hand.

His unconditional commitment to Shell Point became clear whenever he spoke, while his humility and dedication to the one true King shone through his actions.

Let it be known that Shell Point is truly a Crown to the King.

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