Shell Point’s Director of Behavioral Health Shares His Expertise About Memory

Dr. Bill Beckwith Publishes Book
by Fran Thomas

FORT MYERS – It was a run-in with a soliloquy from Macbeth that led to Dr. Bill Beckwith’s fascination with memory. In high school, Beckwith had to memorize the passage and recite it in class. It was, he said, a struggle of both memory and emotions. Now he is a specialist in how the human memory works. And, after some early speeches that were “absolutely terrifying,” he routinely delivers lectures on the topic of memory management. The topic is gaining considerable interest as he crosses the country with speaking engagements for groups. Academy talks draw hundreds of residents. From these lectures, the idea of writing a book was born. “People kept asking me for referrals on what was a good book to read,” Beckwith said. “I looked around and didn’t like the books that were out there.”

Beckwith’s wife, Pamela Travis, is also interested in memory from her perspective as a life historian, so the couple collaborated on Managing Your Memory: Practical Solutions for Forgetting. The book is now available at Beckwith’s website,

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