Lessons Learned From a Quilt

FORT MYERS, FL (April 11, 1999) – By Lynn Schneider

If I were forced to take a lie-detector test someday, there is one question I would surely fail: “Are you a patient person?” Beeeeep! In truth, I would have to say, no, I am not a patient person. It is a bad habit and one I continually try to break. That’s why I attended the recent Quilt Show at Shell Point with an attitude of wonder and amazement. All those little pieces of fabric, all those tiny stitches, all that patience!

Evidently I was not the only one impressed by the display. Marilyn Mayers, a resident at Shell Point, recently sought out the individual who has been bringing quilting to Shell Point through a series of classes held in the Resident Activity Center. “I had frequently seen announcements about a quilting class taught by Vera Graham, a resident here,” said Mayers. “I was anxious to meet this lady who makes thousands of hand stitches on a single quilt – the more stitches per inch, the more valuable the quilt.”

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