The Mission

Shell Point is committed to providing integrated programs and resources to promote a culture of wellness that supports personal growth, healthy living, and a positive life experience.

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The Six Dimensions of Wellness


Residents stay physically healthy through an integrated healthcare delivery system where 85% of all healthcare needs are met onsite. A full healthcare team of physicians, specialty doctors, therapists, and clinical staff focus on each individual resident. Attention is given to the wellbeing of the entire person — mind, body, and spirit. The positive approach includes health screenings and assessments, along with health education and disease prevention.


There are time when life's challenges cause worry, stress, and anxiety. When one's emotional health is suffering, one's physical health will suffer as well. Residents have many programs and services to choose from that will go a long way in ensuring emotional wellbeing and overall happiness.


Shell Point is a health and human services organization that is rooted and grounded in our Christian values and heritage. Residents represent many religious backgrounds and beliefs. Because of this, various opportunities are offered to embrace, strengthen, and grow in spirituality. Shell Point is committed on many different levels and through various programs to help each resident along their spiritual journey.


Residents have constant access to quality educational offerings that challenge the mind and provide intellectual benefits. In addition to onsite facilities, such as libraries and computer centers, residents can also choose from a comprehensive range of classes offered through The Academy of Lifelong Learning at Shell Point.

Community & Social

Shell Point is one community with multiple neighborhoods. From the time residents move in, there are presented with opportunities to become as socially engaged as they wish. By choosing to participate in community and social activities, residents build relationships that foster true friendships and build a sense of family.

Natural Environment

An important part of wellness is the ability to enjoy the natural environment that surrounds you. Shell Point residents actively explore nature via boardwalks, walking trails, observation areas, or even through a game of golf. Shell Point also offers various recreational opportunities that are designed to take advantage of the community's beautiful waterfront location.