Olympic Memories Past, Present, and Future

Shell Point Residents and Their Roles in Olympic History

FORT MYERS, FL (September 15, 2000) – As we watch the beginnings of another Olympiad (the Games in Sydney begin on Friday, September 15), we can’t help but look back and remember the Olympic stories that enriched the lives of so many, including residents of Shell Point.

Residents Donald and Margery Bush think back to Tokyo in 1964, when their daughter, Lesley Bush, was an Olympic platform diver. “Our phone rang in the early morning hours,” says Margery, “and a voice asked how it felt to have a gold medal winner in the family. I told the reporter he was mistaken, and said she doesn’t dive until tomorrow. One hour later, Lesley called to say she indeed won the gold medal. We hadn’t figured the time difference correctly.” It was a significant feat for Lesley, in that she had only learned to dive from the 10-meter height five weeks before the games and was picked to finish dead last.

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