Therapy Animals “Horse Around” at Shell Point

Countless research studies, including those conducted by the National Institute of Health, point to the healing power of pet therapy. The findings confirm that spending time with a four-legged friend can elevate mood and reduce anxiety. Caregivers have noticed that a visit from a pet can lift an ill patient’s spirits and bring joy to a lonely resident. After playing with pets, people have increased levels of the mood-improving serotonin and dopamine, and reduced levels of harmful stress chemicals such as cortisol and norepinephrine.

horsin around

Because of these results, it makes sense that pet therapy is becoming more commonplace in hospitals and retirement communities. Shell Point residents were recently treated to a visit from miniature horses from Endless Trails. These gentle animals made a big impression despite their small size! Horses are intuitive creatures, which make them a wonderful choice for pet therapy. Residents certainly enjoyed petting, feeding, and communicating with the horses during their visit to The Island at Shell Point.

Four-legged therapy animals are welcome guests in The Larsen Pavilion at Shell Point, as well as in Shell Point’s three assisted living residences: King’s Crown, The Arbor, and The Springs.