Thank a Nurse Today, It’s National Nurses Day

thank a nurse

Nurses are the backbone of any medical facility, from taking blood pressure readings to administering medications and everything in-between. While there are many different types of nurses, they all have one thing in common: they care about their patients’ health. Today, May 6, is National Nurses Day, a day that celebrates these compassionate and caring medical nursing professionals who work so hard to support the doctors and nurse practitioners that help individuals recover from illness or surgery.

The truly remarkable medical staff at Shell Point’s assisted living facilities (King’s Crown, The Springs, and The Arbor), The Larsen Pavilion, and The J Howard Wood Medical Center are dedicated to the care of their patients, putting in countless hours making sure residents have everything they need while receiving medical care. After spending time at The Springs and The Pavilion, Shell Point resident Jon Ellis said, “The people cared for me with genuine love, sincere friendship, and warm fellowship.” It was because of the medical care and staff that Jon was able to make a full recovery and move to independent living.

Next time you see a nurse, be sure to say “thank you” for their hard work; you never know whether you might receive kind treatment from their caring hands in the future.

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