Tech Tip: QR-ious about QR Codes?

QR codes have become popular in recent years, popping up on billboards, annual reports, and those flyers that end up under every windshield wiper in the parking lot. But how do they work?

Essentially, QR codes work much like barcodes do. Just like a barcode tells an electronic cash register about the item when the cashier scans it, a QR code will link to a URL on the internet where information about that product or service can be found.

Scanning a QR code from a mobile device is quite simple. First, install a QR scanner application onto your smart phone or tablet. You can find one of these in your device’s app store.

Then, once you choose a QR code to scan, open the application and align the QR code with the guidelines displayed on the screen. The QR code will then link to web-based content that is specifically designed with information tied to that particular code.

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