Take “Steps” to Improve Your Health

An active lifestyle is essential to staying healthy, and walking is an easy way to stay active. The Surgeon General recommends that the average person should engage in 30 minutes of activity every day. A great way to get in this exercise each day is by walking approximately 10,000 steps.

Taking 10,000 steps roughly translates to about five miles. The easiest way to take more steps is by using a pedometer. Clip on your belt from the morning when you get up, until you go to bed at night. Record the distance you walk in a log each day, and by the end of a week you should have an accurate picture of your average walking patterns.

An average person typically walks around 5,000 steps, and a person with a sedentary lifestyle might take 1,000 to 3,000 steps. One way to gradually increase your daily walking distance is by adding 500 steps to your routine each day until they hit 10,000 steps. Take stairs instead of the elevator, walk your pet for a longer period of time, or take a walk while watching the sun set.

To learn more about the 10,000 Steps program, find pedometer recommendations, and get daily logs to track your progress, visit PBS’s website at: http://www.pbs.org/americaswalking/health/health20percentboost.html