Benefits of Exercise

Exercise has always been a way to keep off those extra pounds, but did you know exercise can do more than help you lose weight? Here are some benefits from exercising on a regular basis. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease Continue reading Benefits of Exercise

Gratitude: A Prescription for Health


Shell Point’s LifeQuest program reminds residents that maintaining a balance between the six dimensions of wellness is critical for overall health. A few months ago, Carol Clark, ARNP, offered her perspective on the relationship between the spiritual dimension of wellness and Continue reading Gratitude: A Prescription for Health

Try New Things

Paul Peterson

As we age, we may become reluctant to try new things. Some people are set in their ways or uncomfortable trying a certain food, hobby, or exercise routine that they aren’t used to. While it’s good to know what you Continue reading Try New Things

Live Your Adventure!


Here comes Active Aging Week! Seniors around the globe are observing this weeklong awareness campaign, “Live Your Adventure.” This year’s theme calls older adults to challenge themselves to break their routines and try something new. Initiated in 2003 by the Continue reading Live Your Adventure!