Smooth Move

By Mary Moore, Moving and Resource Manager

A smooth move begins with the basics, and de-cluttering is a great first step.

Visualize: Moving is an opportunity to breathe fresh air into your life. Think about where you want to move and imagine what you would like your new life in this new location to look like. Do you want to be surrounded by your favorite things, the treasures you love? Great! But not everything you currently own is a treasure. Do we really need clothing that is two sizes too small, that extra footstool, eight casserole dishes? Many of us spend our entire lives collecting things without ever culling through them to get rid of the ones that weigh us down.

Make a List: Take a notebook or a clipboard and walk through each room of your home. Look around the room and list only the items you really love and want to keep: Aunt Anna’s piano, the curio cabinet of Grandmother’s china, an original piece of art, the comfy sofa — whatever they are, put them on the list. Now, look at the rest of the stuff and mentally picture what it would be like if it was gone. Would you miss the clutter? Probably not.

Enjoy Being Generous: Another way to enjoy the process is to visualize how others might benefit. By donating items, you can help others improve the quality of their lives through your generosity. Imagine someone you don’t know finding joy in the things you no longer need. Giving it to someone else can help make getting rid of it easier. Or, if it’s a cherished family heirloom, consider giving it to another member of the family to enjoy. Seeing your grown daughter using your grandmother’s china at Thanksgiving is a sweet reminder of the connections between generations.

Shell Point’s Community Thrift Store, which is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this month, can accept your donations and give you a tax deductible receipt. Learn more by visiting