Smooth Move: 6 Secrets for Simplifying Your Next Move

Smooth Move

Everyone knows that moving can be a hassle – packing boxes, finding a new dry cleaner, navigating new streets, etc. But, more often than not, moving can be an exciting, positive experience that brings a fresh approach to our lives.

Smooth Move

That’s why Shell Point keeps a full-time moving resources manager on staff. This experienced professional walks new residents throughout the entire moving process, paving the way for an easy transition into a new home at Shell Point.

Here are six secrets that help Shell Point take the burden out of moving for clients.

  • Start early, end happy! The idea of moving often feels overwhelming, which leads us to put it off. A better approach is to tackle the move in bite-size pieces to make it easier to manage. Begin by focusing on typical problem areas, and get started today.
  • Clean house. There is nothing worse than trying to pack for a move in a disorganized house. A good first step is to give your home a thorough cleaning.
  • Downsize the clutter. Visualize what you would like this new location to look like. But remember: many of us spend our entire lives collecting things without ever culling through them to get rid of the ones that weigh us down.
  • Make a list. Making a list is a way to ease into the concept of downsizing. Look around each room of your house and list only the items you really love and want to keep. Now, mentally picture what it would look like if the other stuff was gone. Would you miss them? Probably not. Listing the things we love and want to keep often helps to identify items we no longer want.
  • Enjoy being generous. Another way to enjoy the process is to visualize how others might benefit. By donating items, or giving them away, you can help others improve the quality of their lives through your generosity. Imagine someone you don’t know finding joy in the things you no longer need.
  • Get help. Many moves suffer when those involved try to do it all themselves. No wonder it can seem overwhelming! But there are numerous businesses and professionals that can help take the burden out of moving.

If you decide to retire at Shell Point, you can benefit from the services that Shell Point’s moving resources manager provides. This organized professional works directly with clients to assess what type of assistance they need to move successfully from start to finish. With a little help, you too can make your transition a smooth move!