Shell Point Residents Advocate Fitness Training

Are you debating whether to sign up for an exercise class or hiring a personal trainer in your quest for better overall wellness? These avenues of fitness can be a great way for seniors to address many of the declines in function that can lead to a lower quality of life and less overall independence. But don’t take our word for it! Several Shell Point residents recently shared their exercise successes in Shell Point Life magazine.

Bill and Mickey Staples have been working with Shell Point’s fitness supervisor and personal trainer, Michelle Smith, for several years. “Michelle is instrumental to our health, especially now that we have moved to assisted living,” said Bill. “I am now strong enough to walk up stairs and accomplish many other things I could not do, even after rehab.”

Lex and Eileen Roulston also work with personal trainer Michelle Smith. “It’s easy not to go exercise, so having a trainer keeps you accountable,” Lex said. “When you have an appointment, it keeps you disciplined and motivated to work on your own. A personal trainer really helps make sure you use the machines with proper form; it keeps me limber.”

Shell Point Retirement Community has offered fitness classes to its independent and assisted living residents for nearly 20 years, as part of its LifeQuest health and wellness initiative. LifeQuest is Shell Point’s balanced approach to wellness that promotes active aging and emphasizes the six dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, community and social, and natural environment. To find LifeQuest classes open to the public, visit