Senior Style Update

The Shell Point Salon & Spa team learned the inside scoop on senior style trends during a training refresher trip to Orlando, Florida, for one of the largest educational and trade shows in the beauty industry.

Today’s trend in women’s hair styling is straight or natural-looking waves, abundant with movement through textured layers for soft­ness. Razor cuts remain popular in short- and long-length styles. Multi-dimensional color, featuring highlights and lowlights, also is still in style. Since Floridians battle humid­ity year round; Keratin treatments are recommended to tame hair texture and create beautiful, manageable locks with a healthy shine.

Men’s hair cutting trends are “clean cut.” The traditional fade with a close tapered neckline is still extremely popular. Sideburns are positioned to the middle of the ear or just past. Men’s styles are most often finished with a styling cream for shine and control, without the “crunchy feel” of styling gel.