Scheduling and Administering Medications

Managing medications can be complicated and confusing. It is important to remember that communication is the key to the success of medications. Patients can minimize medication complications by purchasing all medications and nutritional supplements at one pharmacy.

Proper scheduling of medications is also very important to ensure full safety and effectiveness. When certain drugs interact, they may increase or decrease the absorption levels. Many medications act as a sponge, and their absorption rate may decrease within two hours. Some medications, including Boniva and Fosamax, are particular and require strict scheduling.

Some medications, such as Ibuprofen and Verapmil, must be taken within 30 minutes of eating. Other medications, like Fosamax and Ambien, must be taking on an empty stomach, which means one hour before or two hours after eating.

Shell Point Retirement Community has an on-site pharmacy, staffed with three full-time and two part-time pharmacists. They assist independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing residents in keeping their medications straight. Utilize the expertise of your doctor and pharmacist to help prevent medication mishaps. Talk to your local pharmacy about services they may offer along these lines.