Save On Vacation

By Tiffany Williams, Managing Executive, FineMark National Bank & Trust office at Shell Point Retirement Community

Whether your vacation budget is big or small, no one likes to spend more than necessary when traveling. Consider these tips that can help you save money when planning your next trip.

Air travel

  • Pick your travel times wisely. Search for airfares within two or three days of your ideal departure date, and consider off-peak flight times.
  • Search for flights at more than one airport for a better chance of snagging a lower-cost flight.
  • Save on parking by parking in an airport’s economy lot. At larger airports, you may be able to save even more by parking offsite at private lots.


  • Check hotel websites. Many list their rate calendars on their reservations page so you can see for yourself when rooms are available (and at what price).
  • Look for freebies such as complimentary breakfast or local ground transportation.
  • Watch out for taxes. Though you can’t avoid them, lodging taxes vary by location and are based on the room rate, so you can save money on taxes by booking a lower rate or, in some cases, by choosing a different location (a property outside the city, for example).

Rental cars

  • Look for coupon codes or discounts. These are available through many sources, such as your road and travel plan, your insurance company, and your credit card issuer.
  • Pay attention to fuel costs. If you’re going to be driving long distances, make sure the rental vehicle has good fuel economy and decide whether you want to pay for a full tank of gas up front, with the option of returning the vehicle on empty. The per-gallon price is usually posted at the rental counter and may be more or less than what you’ll pay if you fill it up yourself off-property.
  • Avoid buying duplicate insurance coverage by checking if your auto policy covers you in a rental vehicle. Some credit card companies also offer some insurance protection for rentals.

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