Residents Review Barre Fitness Trend

fitness center shell point

Barre workouts, named after the barre that ballerinas use to warm up and develop balance, have gained popularity lately. This type of exercise stems from a combination of ballet, stretching, Pilates, and dance moves to tone and strengthen the body. Each class is designed to be effective for people of all levels of experience and capability.

Last month, a number of Shell Point residents tried this fitness craze – and thought it was terrific! Ray and Doris Nandal agree that “the class has helped flexibility with its emphasis on stretching. It keeps you moving with little rest.”

Resident Al Chatfield found that “you never experience the same class twice as the workout constantly changes. It has really helped with my flexibility in conjunction with the other stretches I do, and I would certainly take it again.”

Shell Point Retirement Community has offered fitness classes to its independent and assisted living residents for nearly 20 years. It now is part of its LifeQuest health and wellness initiative, a balanced approach to overall fitness that promotes active aging and emphasizes six dimensions: physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, community and social, and natural environment. To find LifeQuest classes open to the public, visit