Preventing the Flu

Flu season, which typically peaks between December and February each year, is now in full swing. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting a flu shot to stem the tide of viruses that spread during this season.


According to the CDC, seniors are particularly susceptive to the flu virus, and are also at a higher risk of experiencing complications from the flu, resulting in serious illness. A flu shot not only reduces the risk of sickness, but also reduces the chances of hospitalization from complications.

The flu vaccine works by causing the body to develop antibodies that provide protection against infection. Viruses that cause various flu strains evolve over time, and each season’s flu vaccine contains a different mix of inactive viruses. You’ll be best protected by getting a yearly shot at the start of flu season. This also allows two full weeks for antibodies to form before the flu virus begins circulating.

Shell Point Retirement Community has its own on-site pharmacy and medical center, which offers flu shots to its independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing residents. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist about whether a flu vaccine is the right decision for you this year.

About Joy Darnell, Director of Pharmacy Services, Shell Point Retirement Community

Shell Point is very fortunate to have its own pharmacy onsite, established in 1997. Joy Darnell, the Director of Pharmacy Services, and her staff offer medication therapy management for all Shell Point residents, as well as professional consultation services. The Pharmacy’s three full-time registered pharmacists fill thousands of prescriptions every month and provide over-the-counter products, durable medical equipment, and prescription services.