Person-Centered Care: What’s It All About?

Care Giver

More than 12 years ago, a small group of well-known professionals from the field of long term care banded together to advocate for significant change. They wanted to assure that when our grandparents, parents—and ultimately ourselves—need to receive care in a nursing home or other community-based setting, it is designed to help us thrive, not decline. This movement has gravitated away from institutional, provider-driven models to more consumer-driven care that embraces flexibility and self-determination, and has generated widespread culture change.

This change, referred to as “person-centered” or “person-directed” care, is doing away with an institutionalized approach in long term care environments and re-creating a home-like setting. For example, residents living in nursing homes that provide person-centered care can choose when to go to bed and when to wake up; they can eat what they want and when they want; and they can create their own living spaces in their rooms, as well as have input about the design of common areas.

At Shell Point’s Larsen Pavilion skilled nursing facility, this approach is an extension of our mission and core values of “caring, serving, and satisfying.” Within The Larsen Pavilion, our culture supports autonomy, diversity, and individual choice for each resident. Our residents are the experts regarding life here in their home, how services should be delivered, and how we can help them in their home.

The Larsen Pavilion skilled nursing facility welcomes individuals from anywhere in Southwest Florida and is Medicare-approved. For information about admissions in the Larsen Pavilion or for outpatient services through Shell Point’s Rehabilitation Center, call 239-415-5432; or visit