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Is Snoring Normal?

Over the last couple of years, researchers have discovered a wealth of information about snoring and its potential consequences and complications. Snoring is caused by

Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common emotional challenges of aging and is often associated with depression according to Dr. Chris Votolato, Director of Behavioral

Aching Joints

Degenerative joint disease, medically known as osteoarthritis, is the most common form of joint disease, and spares no age, race or geographic area. By the

Hospice Care Puts the Patient in Charge

Caring for the terminally ill requires accepting and planning for the eventuality of death, while creating an atmosphere that provides comfort and compassion to both


By Dr. Chris Votolato, Director of Behavioral Health at Shell Point Retirement Community in Fort Myers, Florida, depression is generally believed to be the most

The Creative Age

If you ask a group of first graders, how many of them are artists, the entire group of children will raise their hands. If you

Finding Hope in Hospice

As individuals age, they are faced with the reality of lingering questions that come with growing older: questions about the future; questions about health and

Feeling Fatigued?

Fatigue is a common physical complaint and accounts for roughly 55 percent of all visits to primary care physicians according to Dr. Roger Hirchak. “Almost

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The Growing Benefits of Gardening

According to recent studies, there are many health and therapeutic benefits of gardening for seniors. The physical and visual access to nature has been proven


Changes in the Way You See Things

Seniors often experience vision deterioration, but many common issues can often be corrected using glasses or contact lenses. A recent study from the National Eye