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6 Tips To Stay Cool…

By Stacey Daniels, RN Manager, Shell Point Retirement Community The dog days of summer have finally arrived with hot days, high humidity, mosquitoes, and thundershowers.

Advance Directives: A Plan for the Future

By Rita Southern, Director of Assisted Living and Resident Support Services, Shell Point Retirement Community People are often uncomfortable thinking about or talking with others

Heat Related Illnesses: Heat Stroke

By Dr. Roger Hirchak, Vice President of Medical Services, Shell Point Retirement Community Now that summer is here, it is extremely important to be aware

Importance of a Yearly Physical

By Stacey Daniels, RN Manager, Shell Point Retirement Community As I was driving into work yesterday I happened to notice the little reminder sticker in

8 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s an unfortunate but true fact: Floridians depend highly upon air-conditioning. But the significance of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) also shows up in

Defining Asthma and Allergies

By Stacey Daniels, RN Manager Do allergies cause asthma? The answer to this question is: yes and no. Asthma and allergies often go hand-in-hand. People

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The Growing Benefits of Gardening

According to recent studies, there are many health and therapeutic benefits of gardening for seniors. The physical and visual access to nature has been proven


Changes in the Way You See Things

Seniors often experience vision deterioration, but many common issues can often be corrected using glasses or contact lenses. A recent study from the National Eye