Makeup Must-Haves After Age 65

As manager of the Shell Point Salon & Spa, and a beautician for nearly 25 years, I’ve seen countless beauty trends come and go. When it comes to flattering makeup applications for those over the age of 65, the best rule of thumb is to freshen but not overemphasize any particular features.


Here are some suggestions to consider during your next makeover:

  • The best primers moisturize as well as minimize fine lines and pores to improve the appearance of skin instantly.
  • In most cases, foundation is sufficient to double as a concealer. If concealer is necessary, go easy as it can get stuck in laugh lines and draw more attention than intended.
  • Easy on the eyes! Light matte shades or a light shimmer will brighten the eye. For a little more drama, add a medium tone to the lid line. Colors on the eyelid that are too dark will make your eye look more “sunken in;” light colors have the opposite effect.
  • Mascara is the final touch in accenting your eye. It’s OK to skip the lower lashes, especially if you’re using a heavier moisturizer under your eye. While moisturizer is great for your skin, it’s not so great for your mascara; the result can be the dreaded “raccoon eye.”
  • Blush placed high on the apples of your cheeks gives your face an instant lift. Cheek color should reflect a natural flush.
  • Softer shades of lipstick are typically more flattering as lips become thinner with age. Adding shimmer or gloss to your lip color will not only help keep your lips moisturized, but it will also create more youthful-looking lips.

Interested in a makeover? Call the Island Salon & Spa at (239) 489-8400 to schedule a personal makeup consultation. Healthy-looking skin and color in just the right places will make you look and feel radiant!