Is Online Banking Safe?

By Tiffany Williams, Managing Executive, FineMark National Bank & Trust office at Shell Point Retirement Community

There’s no doubt that online banking is convenient, but is it safe? That depends on your financial institution and you. It is important to ask your banking institution what they’re doing to keep your accounts are safe. But remember, you may actually be the biggest line of defense against hackers and scammers.

Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to online banking:

  1. Always log onto your account from a secure computer. It’s a good idea to log on from home and never log on from a public computer like in a hotel or café.
  2. Make sure you enter the official bank site and double check that the URL matches the bank’s name. Also look for a lock icon on the bottom of your web browser window and for “https://” in the URL address bar
  3. Never respond to any e-mail that requests your personal information. This is a common scam used by criminals looking to obtain your personal information.
  4. Keep your anti-virus software up to date.
  5. Use a different name and password on each account.
  6. Monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity.

At FineMark National Bank & Trust we have a very secure and robust sign-on process. We use multifactor authentication; which requires our clients to confirm a personal image and phrase as well as supply a password. In addition, security questions are required at each new computer used. We have a strict monitoring process that alerts us of any suspicious activity. Finemark National Bank & Trust has an office on The Island at Shell Point Retirement Community. If you have questions about this article, contact us by phone at (239) 461-5999.