Improve Quality of Life through Pain Management

When you hear the phrase, “hospice care,” you generally think of end-of-life services; however, hospice care also includes palliative care, which is centered on pain management and symptom relief. Palliative care versus curative care is important to understand: the hospice philosophy focuses more on the palliative or comfort care, while traditional curative care focuses on curing a disease.

Palliative care promotes the individuals’ right to self-determination and decision-making. Pain management can be a priority for patients seeking hospice care, as they deal with the physical, psychological, social and spiritual components of pain.

An interdisciplinary hospice team is made up of physicians, nurses, nurse assistants, chaplains, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, and a number of different therapies to promote peace while dealing with a life-threatening illness or chronic disease. Hospice is not just for those at end-of-life, but rather also serves those who want to better their life during the time they have to live it.

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