Frequently Asked Questions About Lifecare


Lifecare is a familiar term around Shell Point, however some may not know exactly what it means. Shell Point’s continuum of care product offers a lifetime contract for care, funded by a one-time entrance fee and monthly maintenance fee. These combined fees guarantee a private residence, interior and exterior maintenance, housekeeping (home), a fulfilling lifestyle amenities package (hospitality), and a comprehensive array of assisted living, skilled nursing, memory support, and access to physician services (healthcare). Fees vary based on the size, location, and contract type of the residence selected. By way of reference, entrance fees at Shell Point start just under $100,000.

Put simply, lifecare at Shell Point means peace of mind and assurance for both today and tomorrow.

What are the primary benefits of lifecare at Shell Point?

When you commit to a lifecare contract with Shell Point, you are guaranteed access to assisted living and long term care for life.

If I move to assisted living, does my cost change?

A lifecare resident who moves to assisted living has the option of choosing among three different locations at Shell Point, and the monthly maintenance fee would remain the same as the original residence. Additionally, residents in assisted living pay for three meals per day.

What happens if my spouse needs a different level of care than I do?

If you and/or your spouse’s quality of life would benefit from the resources available in assisted living, a move to assisted living can be made together as a couple, or with one staying in the current independent living residence while the other moves into assisted living. A case manager will assist you with this transition.

If you or your spouse needs short term or long term care in a skilled nursing facility, depending on the terms of your contract, the other may remain in the existing independent living or assisted living residence.

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