For the Love of Pets

Studies have shown that caring for a pet can help you live a healthy lifestyle, and many pet owners would agree that a pet can fill your heart with love. Maybe it’s only fitting that the presence of a pet can help improve the overall health of that organ, too.

The American Heart Association has linked the ownership of pets with a reduced risk for heart disease and greater longevity. Pet owners over age 64 on average make 35 percent fewer visits to their doctors than seniors without pets.

Nothing adds joy to life like coming home to a purring snuggle or wagging tail. Shell Point resident Bud Kent has experienced this joy and therapeutic companionship with his eight-year-old tabby, Ash Grove. Ash is always at the door to greet Bud, and loves to stretch out on the piano bench as Bud plays in his apartment. “Maybe my pet cat simply helps to make me more human,” said Bud.

Pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection. Many Shell Point residents are pet owners. Read about their pet experiences online in the July 2015 issue of Shell Point Life magazine