Fact or Fiction: Flu Edition

Influenza: Fact or Fiction

With the peak of the flu season this month, the staff at The Arbor have been particularly vigilant in watching for symptoms in our residents. Seniors are particularly susceptive to the flu virus, and apparently they are also susceptible to several flu myths. I’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight about a few misguided beliefs I’ve heard floating around lately.

Can I get some antibiotics to help me beat this bug?
Actually, the flu is caused by a virus. Since antibiotics treat infections caused by bacteria, they won’t clear up your influenza.

I don’t want the flu vaccine. The shot could make me sick.
In the past, flu vaccines used to contain live viruses which caused sickness in some recipients. However, the flu shots administered today only have inactive viruses, which cannot cause illness.

Last year’s flu shot should hold me over.
Viruses that cause various strains of flu change and evolve over time. Because of this, the flu vaccines administered each year is updated as well. You’ll be best protected by getting a yearly flu vaccine.