Exploring the Six Dimensions of Wellness

By Dawn Boren, Director of Resident Life at Shell Point

Residents that get the most out of life at Shell Point are those who take care of themselves both physically and emotionally, are open to learning new things, stay connected to their community, remain socially engaged, and have an appreciation for their natural environment.

With a mission to support personal growth, healthy living, and a positive life experience in each resident, Shell Point launched LifeQuest. The new initiative highlights six dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, community & social, and natural environment.

The physical dimension of wellness is probably the first to come to mind and the easiest to define, but may mean different things to different people. A marathon runner might focus on beating their best time, while a rehabilitation patient might focus on regaining strength, one step at a time. Someone might strive to make healthier food choices, and another person might talk to their doctor about alternative medicines.

Shell Point helps its residents stay physically healthy through an integrated system where a wide array of interests needs can be met. Doctors, physical therapists, registered dieticians, personal trainers, educational programs, recreational amenities, and more offer ample opportunities for promoting physical wellness.

Because of the unique relationship between emotional well-being and physical health, if one’s emotional health is suffering, then other areas of their life will suffer as well. Emotional wellness is often compromised due to life-changing events, such as coping with the loss of a loved one, experiencing health issues, struggling financially, or even going through a transitional move.

Shell Point offers its residents many opportunities to focus on emotional well being. The behavioral health department offers confidential counseling services, support groups provide peer understanding and encouragement, and the Salon & Spa offers relaxing massages. Even fitness classes are proven stress relievers!

Shell Point has always been dedicated to the service to God and the care of His people, and because of this we are grounded in Christian values. Residents represent many religious backgrounds and beliefs. While some residents attend The Village Church, others choose to attend religious services off property. And all are always welcome to take advantage of Shell Point’s offerings to worship and grow in spirituality through church services, Bible studies, vespers services, Season of Praise concerts, hymn sings, choir participation, Academy classes, and more.

Through this holistic approach to spiritual growth, residents are encouraged to grow in their quest for meaning, purpose, inner strength, and hope.

A continual quest for intellectual growth keeps minds sharp while also contributing to overall wellness. Consider making a daily commitment to learn something new each day.

Shell Point recognizes the value of the educational dimension of wellness and provides its residents with endless opportunities to stimulate the mind. The Academy of Lifelong Learning provides residents with a variety of classes from geography and fine arts to emerging technology and hands-on experiences. Furthermore, residents have an opportunity to share their experiences and expertise with others by leading classes in The Academy

Community & Social:
Volunteering is one of the best ways to become connected in a community and build new friendships – and Shell Point is no exception. Residents who become active in the community quickly build lasting friendships within their court, within their neighborhood, and with other residents throughout the community. Residents also find connections by attending special events, concerts, court parties, or other social functions throughout the community.

The ability for residents to share their time, talents, knowledge, and life experiences with one another makes Shell Point rich in opportunities for community and social involvement. These opportunities help residents feel connected and engaged with the community.

Natural Environment:
Finally, an important part of wellness is the ability to appreciate and enjoy nature and the beautiful environment.

Within the Shell Point community, there are many opportunities to explore nature, from miles of walking paths and nature trials to immediate access to the surrounding waters. Residents also tend to their own gardens, participate in the Adopt-a-Road program, attend seasonal bird counts, watch breath-taking sunsets, paint and photograph nature scenes, attend Academy classes about the environment, and more. At Shell Point, the list is endless on how resident can enjoy and benefit from the natural environment.

Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules for defining each dimension. Take, for example, the simple act of going for a walk. Many people would consider a walk to be a physical activity, yet others may find it to be social or educational in nature. A nature walk could technically fit into any of the six dimensions.

If you would like to learn more about how to integrate an aspect of each of these six dimensions into your life, stop by Shell Point’s LifeQuest Health & Wellness Expo on Tuesday, January 8, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the Village Church Auditorium. Staff members from the Shell Point Medical Center will be on hand to conduct health and memory screenings, and answer medical questions. Various representatives and vendors from Shell Point and the local community will share information and products that support the six dimensions of wellness. The event will also feature give-a-ways, door prizes, and healthy refreshments. We’d love to see you there!