Don’t Become a Frequent Faller: 7 Safety Suggestions

According to a Center for Disease Control fact sheet, 1 out of 3 people aged 65 and older will fall this year; 47 percent of seniors report a fear of falling, and 41 percent indicate that they live with functional limitations from chronic health problems.

While this is sobering, the good news is that there are precautions that can reduce the risks of falls in your home. Here are just a few:

  1. Move furniture and reduce clutter to create clear walking paths.
  2. Install adequate lighting in your home, and put night lights in the bathroom, hallway, bedroom, and kitchen.
  3. Keep floors clean and spill-free; avoid wet floors.
  4. Use non-slip strips on stairs and in your bathroom and shower.
  5. Store everyday household supplies in accessible, easy-to-reach, and avoid stepstools.
  6. Remove small throw rugs or tape decorative rugs to the floor with double-sided tape to prevent corner curling – an often-overlooked trip hazard.
  7. Tie electrical cords away from the floor; secure against the wall or behind appliances.

Shell Point Retirement Community provides many resources to prevent falls, from balance and mobility fitness classes to state-of-the-art rehabilitation care with in-home evaluations. Shell Point’s Rehabilitation Center is open to the public, and can be reached at 239-415-5432. Or, learn more by visiting