Does Your Parent Need Assisted Living Care?

It’s easy to overlook signs of decline in mom and dad. Determine whether your parent is ready for assisted living by asking yourself these critical questions.

  1. Does your parent experiencing memory loss in a situation that results in moderate to severe consequences? Examples include forgetting doctor appointments, medications, or regular meals?
  2. Has your parent lost or gained weight recently? Have they told you that he or she is eating, but you find expired food in the refrigerator?
  3. Has your parent suffered from a recent fall? Are they covering up bruises and are unsure where the bruises came from?
  4. Does your parent wear the same clothes each time you visit, or do you notice uncharacteristic hygiene concerns?
  5. Does your parent hear strange noises in the night?
  6. Is house or yard as neat and clean as it used to be?
  7. Can your parent correctly take medications? Does he or she know which medications they should take, when, and why?
  8. Does your parent respond appropriately to an emergency?
  9. When you look closely, do you see the bright and vibrant person from years ago? Or do you see someone with more limits, who needs some help and supervision?
  10. Does your parent’s driving concern you? Has he or she had a recent accident, received a traffic ticket, or found unexplained scratches or dents in their vehicle?

It is never too early to explore assisted living care for a loved one. While not open to the general public, Shell Point residents have a choice of three excellent assisted living residences, with access to the entire community of lifestyle amenities and healthcare resources. Learn more at