Defining Long Term Care Insurance and Lifecare


A secure retirement includes knowing that you have taken every possible step to protect your assets from being depleted and losing your independence in the event of a health crisis. However, the differences between long term care insurance and the full lifecare product offered by continuing care retirement communities like Shell Point are many. Which should you choose?

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is intended to protect an individual from a portion of the financial risks associated with long term care that could be needed in the future. Long term care insurance guarantees that a specific amount of money will be available to pay for a specific amount of care in the future.

For individuals in middle age, there is seldom an immediate need for long term care. Prior to age 60, the odds are in your favor that you will not need to make a claim on the insurance. Many people purchase long term care insurance at this stage to establish a lower monthly premium price based on their current age. As the customer ages, the premiums go up incrementally.

Full Lifecare

Full lifecare provides a lifetime contract for care, funded by a one-time entrance fee and monthly maintenance fee. These combined fees guarantee a private residence, interior and exterior maintenance, housekeeping, a fulfilling lifestyle amenities package, and a comprehensive array of assisted living, skilled nursing, memory support, and access to physician services. Fees vary based on the size, location, and contract type of the residence selected. By way of reference, entrance fees at Shell Point start under $100,000.

If care is necessary, there are no elimination periods with lifecare, nor is there any limit to the duration of the lifecare that may be needed. With simply stated fees, one is able to carefully chart one’s economic future, with assurances that decisions made today will secure the desired results tomorrow.

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