Boost Your Brain Power!

Dr. Carol Clark Wellness

Shell Point residents are remarkably proactive, and it is common to hear questions about memory and brain function during wellness checkups. While some forgetfulness is a normal part of the aging process, there are many ways to help one’s brain stay healthy and active. Here are five simple steps that anyone can take to boost their overall brain power.

  1. Get moving! Research links physical activity and the brain’s ability to process information quickly. Aerobic exercise is particularly effective at stimulating the body’s systems. Morning stretching, aquatic exercise, and evening walks can all get the gears going faster than a sedentary lifestyle would.
  2. Hit the links. Take a swing at improving brain function by playing a round of golf. Studies have found that this game can boost brain power, causing positive structural changes tied to sensorimotor control.
  3.  Listen to music. Numerous studies support the effect that music can have the brain. Not only does it relax the listener, but catchy tunes can improve verbal fluency and spatial processing.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep. One of the easiest ways to boost brain function is by getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Establish a sleep routine and stick to it; slip in a power nap if you didn’t catch enough ZZzzzs.
  5. Become a lifelong learner. The brains stays sharpest when it is being used, so take up an educational hobby. Whether it is learning to play an instrument, traveling to new locations, or speaking a second language, studies support lifelong learning.

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