Balance: Safely Within My Reach, Part Two


Stretching for a pesky, out-of-reach item without proper posture can increase the danger of falling. Two therapists from Avidity Home Health recently gave an interactive training session to Shell Point assisted living residents that demonstrated how to safely reach for objects while minimizing the risk of a fall. Here are a few pointers from the educational presentation.

Reach S.A.F.E.L.Y.

  • Staggered stance – keep your base of support wide by spreading your feet apart
  • Always three points of contact – if you’re reaching beyond your center of gravity, put your arm out as a third source of support.
  • Face your task – don’t ever turn sideways to reach above your head. Always keep your objective in sight and stay square to your goal.
  • Enlist help – it is better to ask for help, or use a reacher, than to take a tumble.
  • Lower to a slight squat – when reaching for an item on the floor, lower your center of gravity by moving into a slight squat.
  • You better stay close – maneuver as close to your goal as possible before reaching or bending down.