Assisted Living: Questions to Consider

Assisted Living at Shell Point

Assisted living care enables individuals to manage their daily personal and physical needs through special support services. Designed to enhance dignity and independence through a variety of recreational, social, physical, and spiritual programs, assisted living ensures all needs are nurtured.

Interested in learning more about assisted living? Healthcare Marketing Specialist McKenzie Millis reviews ten questions to keep in mind when considering assisted living for yourself or a loved one.

Here are the questions addressed in this video:

Question 1: Do you have a fear of falling?
Question 2: Do you forget to take your medications?
Question 3: Do you struggle getting ready in the morning?
Question 4: Do you feel lonely or depressed?
Question 5: Is home maintenance becoming a burden?
Question 6: Are you losing balance in the shower?
Question 7: Have you been losing weight or have a decreased appetite?
Question 8: Are you (or others?) concerned about driving?
Question 9: Have you stopped attending social activities you once enjoyed?
Question 10: Have you had a recent hospitalization?

Residents and their families have the reassurance of knowing the benefits of assisted living are available when needed through Shell Point’s continuum of care. To learn more, visit