Are You a “Planner” Or a “Wait And See”?


According to a recent survey, a third of Americans 40 and older have done no planning for their long term care needs. They don’t want to think about what the future might bring; however, this “wait and see” approach to life can leave you unprepared for unpleasant surprises. Conversely, “planners” organize in advance for all possibilities – both good and bad. By considering the future, planners protect both themselves and their children from having to assume that responsibility later on.

The odds are great that you or someone you love will need long term care. The need for long-term skilled nursing care is generally instigated with a health crisis of some kind. Stroke, heart attack, or a variety of diseases can strike without warning, creating a need for immediate 24-hour care.

Diseases that progress gradually, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, may also require care and, while the onset may be gradual, the decision to seek long term care is often precipitated by a crisis of some kind. Even a planned surgery, such as a hip or knee replacement, can require follow-up, long-term, skilled nursing care. The cost of this care can be staggering, and around-the-clock home care for a licensed home health aide or private nurse may be overwhelming.

Don’t leave these important matters undecided. As you thoughtfully plan for the future, make these decisions now, and take charge of your own life. Begin by attending an educational seminar about options for retirement living, hosted by one of Shell Point’s expert retirement counselors. Call (239) 466-1131 to sign up for a session that is convenient for you.

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