A Healthy Eye for Art Expression

Seeing things differently comes naturally to Dee Callahan. Born with much less than the perfect 20/20 vision in her left eye, she is considered legally blind.

Dee recalls drinking canned carrot juice and cod liver oil in an attempt to improve her eyesight, as well as daily eye drops regularly administered by her parents. A naturally creative child, she saw a way to cope by easily expressing her talents and making her own paper dolls, complete with a paper wardrobe of dresses. Dee remembers fashioning elaborate doll homes from boxes, using gift wrap as wallpaper and décor.

More recently, Dee overcame a diagnosis of coronary heart disease (CHD). CHD causes a waxy substance called plaque to build up inside the arteries, which supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. Eventually, the decreased blood flow may cause chest pain (angina), shortness of breath, or other symptoms. A complete blockage can cause a heart attack.

After her CHD diagnosis, Dee started praying for guidance to good health. This path included vitamins, chelation therapy, and painting. Dee set personal goals to continue painting, learning more to expand her techniques, and finding her own inspiration.

True to her strong spirit and creative soul, Dee has been able to creatively overcome this obstacle and follow her love of art, specifically painting and music, to find artistic growth. Today, some of her favorite abstract expressionist works are a result of her process of healing and overcoming difficulties. One shows her own spirit as a butterfly before, during, and after the challenges she has faced.

Dee’s artwork will be featured in the upcoming Ageless Creativity: The Artists of Shell Point exhibition, held at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in February 2017. For more information about Dee’s work and the exhibit, visit http://www.shellpoint.org/lp/agelesscreativity.html.