8 Tips & Tricks for Memory Management – Part Two of Two

By Kathy Fratrick, LCSW, Shell Point Retirement Community

Having trouble remembering where you are supposed to go or how to get there? Here are 8 practical strategies to help manage mild memory loss.

To track time and to navigate your environment:

  1. Set an alarm clock or timer to remind you when to leave for an appointment or do something in your home.
  2. Use a map or GPS to help you get from one place to another. Write down landmarks and/or street names, number of miles, and the length of time it takes to get there. Practice these routes by taking trial runs.
  3. Enlist friends and relatives to remind you of where you need to be and what you’re supposed to do.
  4. To learn new information:
  5. Listen closely when someone talks to you and repeat back the information.
  6. Try to talk with people in quiet places.
  7. Focus on one thing at a time, and be sure to screen out distractions.
  8. Keep information simple. Break down new tasks or activities into small stages, then establish a pattern or routine and stick to it.