8 Tips & Tricks for Memory Management – Part One of Two

By Kathy Fratrick, LCSW, Shell Point Retirement Community

Developing assistive strategies and external memory aids to help you organize your life and better manage your memory loss is a key to memory management. It is essential to identify and master these techniques before you need them, because if you wait until you need them it may be too late to learn new information and skills in order to use them. Here are 8 specific techniques that allow you to become more efficient at learning and recalling new and old information.

To keep track of dates, schedules, tasks, phone numbers:

  1. Leave yourself notes or make checklists.
  2. Put appointments and important dates on calendars, planners, or electronic organizers.
  3. Keep a notebook for phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information.
  4. If you have trouble remembering how to do something, write down the steps.
  5. To remember where you put things:
  6. Put the things you use regularly (keys, glasses, purse, watch) in the same spot when you are not using them. Designate a valet or jewelry box as your special memory container and use it routinely.
  7. If you have to put something down in a different place, look at the place when you put down the object and say the location out loud.
  8. If necessary, write down where things are.

Check back next week for part two of this series for more tips and tricks for memory management.